Family style : ♥ Soliath Awélorun

Soliath Awélorun is my cousin but I call her auntie since she has nearly the same age with my mother.

If I’m right, her great grand-father was my great great grand-father’s twin brother.

Her father have had about 26 kids for different mothers. What’s funny is that despite I’ve never seen some of them again since I’m a baby, I always recognize that they’re my cousins. They all have a little special thing, most of times their father’s mouth like or a kind of rictus with their mouth I recognize, even in an airport abroad between hundreds of other people.

Samir Babadjidé, Cédric Zoul-Kifl Babatundé and Yves-Arnold Olatoundji Khalik are her sons.



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