Peter Pilotto : The color clash

8 réflexions sur “Peter Pilotto : The color clash

    • Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Did you liked it?
      How was it?
      I want to know more.
      Would you collaborate with my blog for a kind of interview or a freestyle interview?
      You could write or make a video telling about your experience, your feelings, what you think about fashion, what you like, the designer you love (know or unknown), what is style for you.
      It’s something I want to do with the bloggers I like and my followers for a moment but I didn’t yet.
      Would you like it?


      • Wow! Thank you very much..Yeah, I believe is a great project and if the footage is well-prepared and creative, u’ll have an amazing archive of bloggers’ experiences! Yes, I would love to do that, even though I got very anxious when I first read your comment..but I need to have a thought and prepare it, as I want it to be perfect..and I am going to need some time, as May is a veeery busy month..but, if you want, send me the guidelines and your thoughts on this..maybe in an email ? Mine is



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