Gipsy wagons


20 réflexions sur “Gipsy wagons

      • Aw, no, I’m from Romania and I see a lot of gipsy wagons here. But they are not looking like these, at least from the outside, I never seen one on the inside 😀


      • So try! Ask for visiting one.
        Neither me don’t think they are all so lovelly, I know they don’t but sometimes you can see beautiful ones in circus or some festivals.


      • Haha, I would never ask, when we were kids are parents used to say « If you don’t behave I will give you to the gipsies! »


      • Really?
        I remember my mother and her mothers used to threaten us too saying they would give us to nomads too or leave us in an unknown very far village or give us to mendiants.
        It was horrible perspectives


    • Really, Gipsy Shiro?
      You believe in past lives?
      I wonder. Maybe, maybe not.
      I don’t think I could spend all my life on the road in the precarity but travelling times to times should be nice.
      I would love a wagon in my garden.


      • Yes Gipsy, there’s some mystery around them that me attracts. Yes I sure believe in past lives, everyone have already lived once, I mean their soul. A wagon of this kind of your post, I would love to with some beautiful horses in front and make some trips along the hills of beach with some basket full of delicious 🙂 food…..I think II let my imagination flow a little bit to much, but it’s not a bad idea no ?


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