My new shoes from Miss Coquines

July cravings :

14 réflexions sur “My new shoes from Miss Coquines

  1. The bowtie chain is beautiful and the near orange chunky heels look amazing! ! I want them!

    Please check my blog out 🙂


  2. WTF first think that passed through my mind!
    I just had a look on the website and I finally understand that you did win at lottery.
    I love colours of shoes that you bought.
    Are they strong and can they resist in the time?


    • In fact Miss Coquines is a chain who have little shops in towns which sell clothes, shoes and accessoires not expensives.
      I bought in some shops and on the internet site, my sister and friends too; the conclusion is that there flat shoes don’t last much (one or two seasons), their ballerinas are not comfortable, they trend to hurt, same for their little heels but the average, high heels and wedges are fine.
      I tried again with two pairs of ballerinas, I will see but for the moment I put my feet in the blue ones they were not very comfortable.

      There delivery time is a bit long (about 1 week).
      That’s it!

      Tell me if you order something.


      • I don’t think that I will order anything.
        I will wait for you to test all these shoes then maybe one’s…I will try. We have this shop in Lyon I just came in one time, looking for platform shoes to dress up like Mel B for new year’s eve party.
        Anyway….I don’t know why I wrote in English as obviously I speak French ;-D
        I love yellow/black one.
        Waiting for you update of this shopping shoes ;-D


    • Je me suis fais plaisir après avoir fait un peu de vide parmi mes chaussures.
      Hormis les ballerines bleues pas très confortables pour l’instant je suis contente de ma commande.
      Je pense commander encore bientôt et ensuite je vais me calmer et je m’offrirais de belles paires de créateurs de temps en temps.
      Il faut aussi que j’aille chez Repetto pour des ballerines dignes de ce nom.


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