Akris + Akris Punto

11 réflexions sur “Akris + Akris Punto

  1. Yellow is new black. Fantastic! I have some pieces of clothes, but my dream is a bag made of horsehair – fantastic bag, fantastic story! I like Akris.


  2. Yes, Ayo, it’s amazing: handbag is made of a fabric that is woven from tail hair of horse. Horsehair are hand cut from live horses « morj » in Mongolia. The tail hair and manes of these horses can be cut every two years (eight times in horse’s life). The longest white hair is reserved for violin bows and for the fabric are used hair about 65 cm. Akris used very old technology, last « modernized » in 1872 and these antique looms produce just two meters of fabric per day.
    Handbags are named after the horses, who were champions of Switzerland: Ai, Allegra, Alex, Anouk…
    This story is fascinating, a price of bag is fascinating to – € 4,000, ouch!


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